Meet & Great BBQ
This is a day where you can meet other customers with the same interest in cars and ask Trent advice on work to be done before your tune. To be announced soon!


Chequered Tuning supports Driftcat Racing in the pro Drift Australia series.   Supporting a pro drift car is a full time job and takes all our workshop efforts so unfortunately we don’t offer any kind of sponsorship.   Also, 1 week before any Drift Australia event, Chequered Tuning will be closed, in preparation and travelling to the events (so please book your car in early if your competing in DA so we have time to have it ready 1 week before the event).   100% focus from us is essential for us to be competitive at these events, therefore, our phone will not be answered and mobiles will be turned off. If you are entering the same event, chequered tuning will not be able to offer services at the events without prior arrangement. Thank you for your understanding.