Meet & Great BBQ
This is a day where you can meet other customers with the same interest in cars and ask Trent advice on work to be done before your tune. To be announced soon!


Here is some pricing associated with some of our services. Note that this pricing is to be only used as a guide, so please make sure you contact us before treating it as a final quote!  
  • Dyno Runs: We do dyno runs for a cost of $195. We don't just chuck your car on and let it rip, though. This includes up to an hour of your car on the dyno, along with discussion and advice given to help your car perform better. Dyno graphs also provided at the end of the runs.
  • Tuning: $$ POA Generally tuning goes smoothly but occasionally things like excessive injector duty, insufficient spark, slipping clutches etc prevent us from completing the full tune. The following explains the process if your car experiences any issues that prevents us from completing your tune.
If we complete most of the tune before any issues arise (slip clutch etc) we will then charge the full tune price and when you come back after the issue is fixed, we will then charge by the hour to complete the tune on your next visit ( to save you from paying 2 full tunes).      
  • TOUCH UPS FROM OTHER SHOPS: There is a lot more to just loading up a base map and our reputation as a leading tune shop is reliant on this one premise (please note 2 cars with identical set-ups will NOT be the same).  here's my thoughts and reasons why we don't do touch ups (unless we tuned it originally).
  • We don't touch up other shops tunes full stop. First thing we do is revert to default Factory base map or a clean slate and work from scratch on EVERY car, we do this for two reasons ONE is to make sure each parameter is the way "I" like it and the SECOND reason is we don't want to take on the possible underlying faults from the existing tune which may cause it to come back (things like cold start etc).
  • Theoretically if i was to "touch up another workshops tune" and charge to fix a idle issue many people then assume i have fixed the tune, this is not so.... what if these changes at operating temp make the car hard to start cold or hot or introduces a stumble... the customer comes back and complains and then i have to patch another part of the other tune... and so and so on it often snowballs as the underlying base is not right.... and the responsibility for the tune in the customers eyes falls on Chequered Tuning even though I've only done the idle and relevant parts..  
  • The tune Fee is not just a tune charge but a goodwill charge which means we take on FULL responsibility for said tune... any cold start issues etc we will cover and not recharge to remedy if need be (rare but possible). Any engine mods done down the track get charged @ 190 P/hour,we can do this as we have our good base to work from (most mods only take an hour or two at the most to tune for).
I hope this give you a little more insight to our business ethics and understand it is not about the money it is about the result.
  • Payment: 
  • We accept payments by EFT, CREDIT CARD, BANK DEPOSIT OR CASH. Credit or card incurs 2% surcharge
  • Chequered Tuning STRICTLY does not give credit to customers.